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Residential Program Types - Refinance

Should I Refinance?

LTV Capital, Inc. can easily analyze the possibility for you, at absolutely no obligation, and explain to you the benefits and the disadvantages of refinancing. If you're just curious about refinancing here are a few basic things to consider:

It may, and most likely will, cost you to refinance your home, however in almost every case
we are able to refinance your home with no out-of-pocket cost to you. This means that you are using your home's equity to accomplish one or more of the following things:
  • More month to month cash flow from a lower interest rate
  • Debt consolidation by using your home's equity to pay off credit cards, automobiles,
    student loans, etc.
  • Security from interest rate increases by locking your loan in for a longer period of time
  • Pulling cash out of your home for improvements, a child's college tuition, or to treat
    yourself to something you have been wanting but just can't afford
  • Minimizing the time or amount of debt you will pay. With a shorter term on your loan, or a lower interest you will own your home faster and pay less money if your goal is to own your home free and clear
Still, a refinance is not always the best option, it may be better in many cases to stay in your current loan. LTV Capital will be happy to let you know if this is the case with no obligations.

Home Equity Lines of Credit

  • Home equity lines are a very quick and easy way to get cash out of your home's equity.
  • The cash can be used for anything you want, and the best part is that you don't pay on it unless you use it.
  • Rates have never been better on equity lines, and they are a great alternative to a typical refinance if you are certain that you are in the best loan possible.
  • Home Equity Lines are a great way to pull money out of your home while the market is
    good so it will be available in case market values ever decrease.
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